Inside Guide | Ludlow

Harp Lane Deli are an independent shop in the centre of Ludlow. Their scope is simple and fulfilled with an attention to detail that has set them at the fore of independent retail in the area.

"Some of the things you find in the Harp Lane Deli will come from nearby, some will come from afar, and some will be made by us in our kitchen above the shop. All will be fabulously tasty, and sensibly priced."

Selling rare, exquisite, varied and always brilliantly produced products - they also have a small bar and tables outside which are perfect to sip tea or coffee, eat Portuguese custards tarts and watch the world of Ludlow go by.  Harp Lane Deli was established in the summer of 2014 on a site where there has been a shop since the early 1800s. 

We set the team a few questions about Harp Lane and some local insight to Ludlow.

How long have you been living in Ludlow?
On and off since 1989

How did you end up here?
Parents moved here from London

What do you think makes Harp Lane Deli special?
Part of Ludlow's thriving independent shopping scene, family-run by people who know their products and customers, and deeply care about what they do

What's the most popular item you sell at Harp Lane Deli?
Cheese, coffee and Portuguese custard tarts (we sell about 500 a week)

What's the most exotic item you sell?
Too many to list!

What would you cook me to save your job?
A dish I frequently cook to get me out of the doghouse is Elizabeth David's chicken Savoyarde. A gratin of poached chicken with cream, gruyere cheese, white wine and loads of tarragon


What do you love about Ludlow and/or Shropshire and why do you love exploring it?
The countryside in South Shropshire in particular is largely unspoilt. Having lived here most of my life there are always undiscovered nooks and crannies to explore.

How would you sum up Ludlow?
Positives: A vibrant market town rightly famed for its independent shops, food culture, exquisite architecture and countryside. From a personal point of view I love that people are moving in from further afield.
Negatives: A town that's battling against the invasion of increased business rates; the threat of an out of town supermarket; small-town, narrow-mindedness. 

What’s your favourite place in town?
Our kitchen at home on Christmas Day

You can’t go home before you’ve …
had a conversation about cricket with Robin and Roger Farmer, the greengrocers on Ludlow market.

Describe a perfect day in Ludlow
Coffee at Harp Lane Deli; a walk through Mortimer Forest; Lunch at the Green Cafe; a mooch around the shops; supper at the Riverside in Aymestrey (a 15 minute drive from Ludlow and the best food for miles around). 

One piece of advice for a visitor
Get off the beaten track, and - in the kindest possible way - get lost! 

What hotels would you recommend?
I hear the Ludlow Townhouse is good. And the Charlton Arms