Inspired by Farmers

We love good coffee. Buying direct from farmers all around the world, our coffee is some of the finest and freshly roasted in the UK, produced from our small roastery in Shropshire. 
Our scope is simple. Source the best coffee from small holds around the world, sample and develop the roast in response to the unique flavours and aromas. 

People-Friendly Practices

We believe in sourcing directly, working with farmers. We are committed to dialogues that contribute to a healthier and more productive synthesis of communities across the globe, reflecting the Shropshire ecosystem that we live in, the heart of local produce and food in the UK. 


Coffee Culture 

We are a two person team, hailing originally from London with combined expertise in art, music and coffee with passion!

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Supporting the Local Community

We work with local and independent restaurants, hotels, cafes and shops in support of local industry and produce.

Find us at the Local to Ludlow market.