Finca Villaure

Finca Villaure

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FARM: Finca Villaure

REGION: Huehuetenango

ALTITUDE : 1650 – 1800 MASL

VARIETAL : Bourbon and Caturra

PROCESS : Washed and patio dried

FLAVOUR NOTES : Vanilla, Grape and Baker's Chocolate

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Huehuetenango is often referered to as Huehue. Pronunciation guide: The “Hue” is pronounced like the “whe” in where. Whe-whe. With altitudes over 2,000 metres, Huehue is the highest and driest region of Guatemala. It is only one of three regions without volcanic soil, with the hot winds from the Mexican mountains historically protecting the region from frost. Huehue is one of the more remote parts of the country and accessibility by roads has been difficult. In the past many farmers used Ox or personally moved coffee on foot. Huehuetenango enjoys easy access to many water sources enabling many producers to process their own coffee.

Aurelio Villatoro grew up on his father’s farm, Finca La Esperanza where he learnt everything he knows about the industry and farming methods. After a year out of Hoja Blanca, Aurelio returned to his home at Finca La Esperanza. His ultimate goal was to continue join the family business and in 1986, purchased his own farm. He called it Villaure which is a combination of his first and last names ‘Vill’, from Villatoro and ‘Aure’ from Aurelio. Since day one, he  dedicated his efforts and time to producing high quality coffee, winning many national and international awards for his coffee. Villaure has competed in four Cup of Excellence and has also been awarded by Ill’y the Best Farmer in Guatemala and Best Farmer in Huehuetenango.

Aurelio (with his brothers) is seeking to increase the amount of direct trade clients he has. Only recently, a minimal 28% of their family production went to direct partnerships and the remainder would go to a local mill. The traditional mill in Guatemala will often pay the farmer immediately or in advance but at a significant discount. The mill takes on the default risk but it is not uncommon for farmers to be paid under the C price for speciality grade coffee. This system makes it difficult for farmers to get by and invest in their quality.  Not only is there quality in cup with this coffee lot, but a driving passion with the knowledge that every lot bought from Aurelio moves him and his family a step further away from the traditional mill model, empowering them to be entrepreneurs and each time allocating more of the production to direct trade, where both roaster and farmer win.