Rogerio Rodrigues Pereira, Natural

Rogerio Rodrigues Pereira, Natural

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FARM: Rogerio Rodrigues Pereira

ALTITUDE: 1250 masl

VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon

PROCESS: Natural

FLAVOUR NOTES: Candied Nuts, Chocolate, Strawberry Syrup

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Since the acquisition of this farm in the 70s, only dairy had been produced, then in late 2010/early 2011 the decision was made to reduce dairy production and introduce coffee crops. Over time, dairy activities were substituted for beef cattle and each year the area planted with coffee was expanded by about 30%.

The harvest is done manually and the coffee is transported daily to the concrete patio, where the beans begin the pre-drying process. When no excess moisture is detected, they are taken to the dryer until the final phase of drying, that is when they reach 12% humidity. Next the coffee goes to rest boxes where it remains for about 15 days and, finally, it continues to the processing machine where the process is finished and the coffee is prepared for sale.

The farmer, Rogério, manages the crops with the goal of producing specialty coffees. He seeks to observe and adapt the land to the ideal variety of coffee, which in this case is believed to be yellow bourbon and yellow catucaí, in addition to being more appropriate for theproduction of specialty drinks. He relies on the help of agronomical engineers for the ideal development ofsoil correction methods, bean transportation and storage and mainly drying of the coffee.