Decaf - Sugarcane EA

Decaf - Sugarcane EA

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FARM: 7 producers

REGION: Pitalito, Huila

ALTITUDE : 1500-1800 MASL

VARIETAL : Caturra, Castillo

PROCESS : Washed

FLAVOUR NOTES : Honey, peanut brittle and candied pecan

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This offering comes from seven producers that reside in the municipality of Pitalito, Huila [Flor Maria Betancourt - Finca Cataluña - 1550 masl; Sebastian Dias Salamanca - Finca Cataluña - 1550 masl; Brandon Stiven Dias - Finca Cataluña - 1550 masl; Pedro Pablo Delgado - Finca Las Cejas - 1500 masl; Jairo Quiñones - Finca Nueva Zelanda - 1800 masl;Lucio Delgado - Finca Los Arboles - 1750 masl; Arsenjo Muñoz - Finca Buena Vista - 1750 masl]

All coffee was harvested at full ripeness and processed traditionally as washed coffee. On average, cherries were de-pulped and the coffee was fermented dry for an average duration of 20 hours, washed 4 times, then placed in a parabolic dryer for an average period of 6-7 days. Once milled, the coffee underwent the Sugarcane E.A. decaffeination process, see diagram below!

For many years, Colombia was the number-one world producer of washed coffees, and the second-largest producer to Brazil. In 2000, Colombia was surpassed by Vietnam, and then the rust infestation of 2008 set them back significantly. Today they are currently in the top five of coffee production with roughly 10 million bags per year. Colombian farmers and citizens alike drink a lot of coffee every day; nearly 20% of their annual production. The country has over 600,000 farms, most of them farmed by small landholders with less than 5 acres nestled in the hills at roughly 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level.

Colombian Coffees are commonly known to be big, rich, chocolaty coffees with exceptional fragrance and often great acidity. Colombia has many diverse growing regions, so the coffee varies mildly from region to region. Tropical fruit, vanilla, caramel, and chocolate are common adjectives. More intense acidity and bigger velvety body are variations you might find going from south to north as well.